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100% Pure Air Canister, Oxygen without Additives, Inhaler Mask included, 5 Liter

SKU Down stairs store pure air 5L
5 LITRES OF PURE CARPATHIAN AIR - The content of the bottle has been collected with special equipment from an altitude between 600 - 1200 m from the heart of sub-Carpathian mountains.
BENEFITS OF THE AIR - In the hilly area is the air of the sedative climate, rich in aerosols and in negative ions, is indicated in : hyperacid gastritis, gastric ulcer, fertility colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, biliary dyskinesia, hypertension, thyroid dysfunction, anxiety, panic, insomnia. The scent of the sub-Carpathian hills comes closer to you
PUREST AIR IN EVERY BREATH - This product can be used at home, work, at the gym, for sports, in your car, at the beach, camping, hiking, travelling and just about any other activity you can dream up! Use it as a inhaler and feel the freshness in every breath you take!