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8 Lithium Button Coin Cell Batteries 3Volt CR2032 CR2025 CR2016 Car Key Remotes

SKU Ninja Battery Shelf Mixed excelltec
8 Lithium Button Coin Cell Batteries 3Volt CR2032 CR2025 CR2016 Car Key Remotes
Suitable for Electronic Organisers, Car Key Remotes, TV Remotes, TV Remotes, Calculators, Cameras and many more! 

Each battery is 3 volts and 20mm diameter. Each pack of 8 contains;

4 x CR2032

2x cr2025

2x cr2016

Long Expiry Dates

HEAVY DUTY COIN BATTERIES - ExcellTec 8pk Lithium Coin Batteries have a low self-discharge, which means they hold their charge for a long time, giving them a long shelf-life. Consistent and reliable, our coin cell batteries are great for use in gadgets that require long, continuous service like, Electronic Organizers, Car Key Remotes, TV Remotes, Calculators, Cameras and more.

HIGH PERFORMANCE, HIGH QUALITY BATTERIES – As a company, we at ExcellTec made sure that our batteries are made of high quality components, making them 100% safe to use. Lithium coin batteries have better leakage resistance compared to Alkaline batteries, meaning they are less prone to corrosion, which can damage and destroy your device. They are also more lightweight and heat/cold resistant, and functions better in extreme temperature.

LOW ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT – We know for a fact that traditional battery configurations can be harmful to the environment if not handled, or disposed properly. And because of that, we made absolutely certain that ExcellTec will not be part of the problem. Our lithium coin batteries contains 0% mercury making it eco-friendly.

VALUE FOR MONEY – When it comes to consistency, performance, longevity and value, we are miles ahead of the competition. As a company, we would like to prove a point that less doesn’t necessary mean inferior. Our 16pk lithium button cell batteries have been tested against top battery brands, and have exceeded all expectations when it comes to performance.