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26pcs Soft EVA Foam Baby Children Kids Play Mat Alphabet Puzzle Jigsaw

SKU Too Big for Box- free standing-25
Each induvial tile measures:


Large size – 29cm x 29cm 

Nice bright colours, the letters can be removed, ideal for teaching letter recognition or playing spelling and counting games with your children.

100% Water Resistant and easy to clean anti slip finish.

These mats have a very wide range of uses:

1. These soft cushioning mats are ideal for children to play on for the safety 

2. Fully waterproof offering a wipe clean surface

3. Helps to protect from hard surfaces/floors to keep child safe at the same 
time these can be used as an educational toy as well by learning the letters and 
numbers on each tile. Ideal for use in kid's bedrooms, all kinds of play areas 
and of course as they are waterproof ideal for use outside to create a 
comfortable play area. Letters can be removed from the tiles, ideal 
for baby/children's living room or play room.