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Battery Nikon S4100 / S3100 EN-EL19 Replacement Li-ion everActive Cam

SKU IF_84045F4C

High quality rechargeable battery replacement for Nikon EN-EL19

Various Brands, maybe sent however the technical information will be the same as well as the warranty

- nominal voltage - 3.7 V (compatible with 3.6 V)
- no memory effect
- high quality lithium-ion cells
- up to 1000 cycles
- high capacity - 700mAh
- packed in blister
- battery dimensions - 40mm x 31mm x 6mm
- 1 years warranty

Nikon: CoolPix S2700, S2750, S2800, S2900, S33, S3400, S3600, S3700, S4150, S4400, S6700, S6900, S7000, W100, S32, S3200, S3500, S4200, S5200, S5300, S6500, S6800, S100, S2500, S2600, S3100, S3300, S4100, S4300, S6400, S6600