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Efest 14650 950mAh Battery 3.7V Lithium Flat Rechargeable Cell UK Batteries

SKU C9 w bx ACL9026 ll100cc

This Efest 14650 950mAh battery is the perfect solution for your low drain devices. With a voltage of 3.7V and a chemical composition of Li-Ion, this rechargeable battery is reliable and long-lasting. It comes with a manufacturer warranty of 3 months and is ideal for use in various devices requiring a 14650 type battery unit.

The brand Efest is well-known for its quality batteries, and this model is no exception. Made in Hong Kong and with a model number of 14650, this unit is designed to provide lasting power to your devices. Whether you need it for your sound or vision equipment, or any other multipurpose batteries and power devices, this battery is a great choice.