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FAMOCO NFC FX100 Handheld Device

SKU box 49 Famoco handheld device
The FX100 is a dedicated handheld device/NFC reader, designed for light and agile mobile work. It’s based on a Famoco Android OS, combined with a built-in Mobile Device Management agent.

It allows businesses to equip their teams with a secure and handheld device, remotely managed and capable of performing any transaction.

OS: Secured Android 4.2
Connectivity: Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, USB OTG, GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, HSPA+
NFC: Reader/Writer/Peer-to-Peer
Type of tags supported: NFC forum 1,2,3,4, MIFARE, Desfire
Secure (internal Secure Element + possibility to put a SAM)
Used- Like new, has some charge in it so make sure to fully charge before use, has been tested. 
Comes with cover and charger lead.