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Green Cell TS21 Battery for Toshiba PA3819U-1BRS PA3728U-1BRS PABAS229 6600mAh

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SKU Green Cell shelf TS21
Green Cell Extended brand battery
Tested cells and the highest quality electronics ensure that the Green Cell battery with your laptop works just like an original battery!

Green Cell cells - Brand cells offer a high, capacity of 6600 mAh (71 Wh)

High capacity means long working hours - from 2 hours to 5.5 hours of battery life, depending on the configuration of the laptop and the operating mode

Green Cell cells are also durable - up to 1000 full charge cycles

Modern control electronics ensure full compatibility with Toshiba - notebooks

Certification: CE, RoHS and FCC

Technical specifications
Capacity: 6600 mAh
Voltage: 10.8V (11.1V)
Number of cells: 9
Cells technology: Li-Ion
Cells manufacturer: Green Cell
Condition: New
Overdischarge protection: Yes
Overcharge protection: Yes
Colour: Black
Manufacturer: Green Cell
Product code: TS21