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Korapur 666/90 two component, reactive adhesive for bonding of metals.

SKU downstairs store large tins of Korapur silver 6kg
Korapur 666/90, 6kg tin is part of a two component reactive polyurethane suitable for structural bonding applications. Good adhesion to metals, wood, PVC & GRP. Meets the requirements of the International Maritime Organisation. See data sheet for more information.


Brand Kommerling

Colour White

Type Tin

Capacity 6kg

Application Bonding

Manufacture Date 06/2018

Korapur 666 will work well after best before date which was 06/2019 

These korapur tins are sold cheap 79.99 retail price normally

Korapur 666 is a two component, reactive adhesive for bonding of metals. It has good adhesion to aluminium, wood, rigid PVC and GRP.

Korapur 666 is suitable for ...
bonding profiles and corner angels in aluminium window construction
assembling of side walls, floors and roofs in the commercial vehicle construction
the manufacture of sandwich elements such as PS-, PUR-, PVC-rigid foam
various bonding within the vehicles, containers, boat- and shipbuilding industry
Korapur 666-90 uses the Koracur TH650 Curing Agent.