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Minky Multi Spike Outdoor Rotary Airer Soil Fit Accessory│Fits 26mm - 50mm Pole

SKU upstairs store minky multi-spike
Minky Multi Spike Outdoor Rotary Airer Accessory 32mm-50mm

Fits most Pole Sizes - 26mm - 50mm
Easy to use - no concrete required
Top Cap protects from water and dirt
The Minky Multi-spike is a universal ground fitting for Rotary Airers and Parasols. It is easily secured into the ground and is recessed so that you can mow over the top.

This soil spike makes easy work of installing rotary washing lines.

Ideal for placing rotaries in solft ground, such as lawns, it fits 6 different sizes of centre pole. Diameters fitting are: 26mm, 32mm, 38mm, 40mm, 45mm and 50mm.

It has a recessed cover so its not a mowing obstruction. The top cap prevents dirt and water, when no rotary is in place. Fits Minky "Compact", "Classic", "Rota Lift" and Rota Lift Plus" airers.