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Mixed Poppy Viable Seeds 🌺 Wide variation of Poppies using Irish Bee 250 Seeds!

SKU Poppy Seeds Mixed


Poppy 'Happy Suprise Mixed' - Poppy 'Happy Suprise' is a mix of one of the widest variety of differing types of poppies pictured the description pictures, however not all poppies can be guaranteed in your mix. 

Purple and Lilic Giant
Lady Bird
Giant Lady Bird Double flowered
Danish Flag
Victoria Cross 
The Somme Poppy otherwise known as Flanders Poppy, harvested by myself in 2016 near Albert France right at the Irish Trenches of Thiepval, and has been seeded and reseeded every year here in Ireland since.
There are other varieties in my mix, but i cannot guarantee them due to the sheer few harvests i had this year, next year will be better

All Poppy Seeds are pollinated by my honey bees who love these plants so much which makes the chances of pollination very good they are viable seeds. Some eBay sellers do not sell quality viable seeds that are pollinated please be aware of this.

You can admire the stunning display in containers, boarders and wildlife areas from late May to early September - watching the pollinating insects feed from the nectar rich blooms! It is always advisable to plant them in good freshly dug beds with no weeds or other plants growing. 

Ideal For: Cottage Garden, Wildlife Gardens freshly dug beds
Hardiness: Hardy
Position In: Full sun
Height: Up to 75cm
Spread: Up to 30cm

Poppy 'Happy Suprise Mix' is supplied as 1 packet of 250 seeds.

Sowing Months

March to May, September to October

Flowering Months

June to August

How To Grow

Sow outdoors from spring to early summer or in the autumn for flowering the next season. Prepare the ground well, when it becomes workable by raking to a fine tilth and sow 1.5mm (1/16in) deep in rows 30cm (12in) apart.

They prefer a sunny site in ordinary well drained soil but will flourish in most sites and soils. Thin out the young plants to 30cm (12in) apart when the seedlings are large enough to handle. Seed sown in autumn will flower in early summer and staggered sowings through spring will extend the flowering season.

More Info

Caution: harmful if eaten.

Important Note

Images shown are for guidance only of the expected results from plants upon maturity. Different growing conditions may vary results. Image may be included for illustration of supply, but may vary due to seasonality changes and may not be the exact variety.