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New Dual USB Solar Power Portable Charger with LED Light

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SKU box 42-10

Main Features:

Dual USB ports, you can charge phones, pads or other small electronic devices simultaneously
 Material: Solar panel, ABS plastic cover, silicone frame
LED Light works perfectly in darkness, especially for emergency
SOS distress signal to help other people find you

Compass, help to find direction

- Battery type: Li-polymer battery
- Input: DC5V/1.0A
- Output: DC5V/1A, DC5V/2.1A

Note: Even in a perfect laboratory condition, The efficiency of energy transformation from solar to electric energy is really low. When it used in outdoor, it also affected by the weather, the location or others factors. So the solar panel is not good as first choose to recharging. We suggest you recharge it via wall charger at the beginning to make the power battery fully activated. 

Packing included:
1 x Power Bank
Different colours available, colour will be posted at random