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New - Mophie Powerstation Mini Portable Charger 5000mAh - black

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New - Mophie PowerStation Mini Portable Charger 5000mAh - black

Brand new item. 

We all have smartphones and the problem that faces us all is after we have binged on the latest Netflix series or spend the day using our phones for email and calls etc. We all have the same issue the battery will simply not handle it. So we need a portable charger to give our lovely phones a pick-up.

Introducing the Mophie Powerstation Mini this portable charger and its slimline design and fabric finish is ideal for any of our Android readers looking for a portable charger that will fit in your pocket and you hardly feel it.   

This portable charger offers 5000mAh and is very lightweight at only 90 grams its the ideal travel partner. In the packaging, you get given the portable charger, User guide and a USB-A to USB- C cable meaning it targeted toward these android users but fear not you can use your charger cable in it just fine.

Design wise as mentioned its slimline and both sides of the portable charger have a nice fabric finish which is very durable it’s not going to rip on the top of the charger you will see two ports one is for USB-A and the other USB- C.

On the side of the charger, you have the power button and 4 LED lights which indicate how much charge is in the power bank.  You can also tap the power button to see how much power is in the bank.

Once fully charged which takes 2 hours with a 5-watt adapter or 1hr 45min for a 7.5-watt adapter you can get the following:

18+ hours for a Smartphone

6+ hours for a small tablet

4+ Hours for a Large Tablet

The unique selling point is you can charge a device while you charge the powerbank and this is called pass-through charging meaning it charges your device first then the charger after. It also comes with 2.1 amp output meaning fast charging and efficient charging.

This charger is great it did not take long to fully charge and is nice to have in the pocket to use anytime  needed for either phone or tablet and what was great is It could use both ports and charge something that required a USB-A and something that required a USB-C at the same time.