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Original 96Wh Battery for Asus C32N1415 8200mAh 11.4v

SKU box 48-10
Parameters of Battery
Battery technology: Li-ion
Output voltage (volt): 11.4 Volt
Capacity: 8200 mAh / 96 Wh / 4-Cells
Colour: Black
Condition: New,100% Original

List of packages:
1 x Battery for Asus Bulk Packaged

Compatible Original Battery Model:
C41N1416 Asus, C41PmC5 Asus, 0B200-01250600 Asus, 0B200-01250000 Asus, 0B200-01250100 Asus, C23PnC5 Asus, C32N1415 Asus,