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PestShield Spider and Creepy Crawly Killer Spray - 3x 200mL

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SKU Aerosol downstair spider & creepy crawly killer x3
3x Creepy Crawly Spider Spray Insect Killer Eliminating Tick Pest Spiders 200ml

Item Description:
3x Creepy Crawly Spider 200ml

Eliminate unwanted insect invaders from your home with this powerful spider & creepy crawly spray. Effective against a wide range of bugs including: spiders ants woodlice ticks fleas.

 Features a powerful insecticide that gets to work fast. Simply spray on the insects for a couple of seconds, or apply directly to surfaces.

Insecticide formulation for use eliminating spiders and creepy crawly. 

Spray in corners or direct on the spider.

200ml Capacity.

Will also work in: House, Car, Caravan, Garage, Garden, Shed, Greenhouse, Many more locations to spray.