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Rizla Infusion Flavour Cards - Infusions of Fresh Mint x 25 Cards

SKU Downstairs store Box of 25 cards blue box
Rizla Infusion Fresh Mint Flavour Premium Quality Cards Select Amount

  • Flavour anything with Rizla Premium Quality Flavour Cards, Fresh Mint Flavour.

How to use Rizla Flavour Infusion

  1. Insert a flavour card inside the pack,
  2. Wait at least 60 minutes or keep longer for a stronger flavour,
  3. Enjoy the taste as intense as you choose to have it.
We will send the items in a large envelope in loose format not in a box to save on postal costs and therefore passing the cost difference in the prices as we are the cheapest around.

If you want a box please ask us and we will be happy to do so for extra cost, please chose 1st class which will pay for small parcel costs in postal extras at 2.99