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Wittner Finetune Pegs for Cello 4/4-7/8 (Ø 12,5 mm/1:25) 4-pack

SKU box 47 Ean ending in 402

Set of 4 pieces

  • Finetune pegs for violoncello 4/4 - 7/8
  • Taper: 1:25
  • Diameter at ring: 12,5 mm (Small)
  • Pegs are made of " high-tech " composite material and light alloy .
  • Very easy, fast and precise tuning.
  • Transmission ratio of 8,5:1 compared to an ordinary peg.
  • The tapered peg is put in place without glue by símply pressing it into the peg box, just like any ordinary peg.
  • Self-inhibiting transmission inside the peg, the string can not lose tension.
  • No wear on peg and peghole (the shaft of the peg does not spin, subsequently there is no friction).
  • No influence of climate and humidity.
  • Constant design, measurement, colour and quality.
  • Colour: black