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18v 4Ah Bosch Drill Battery 2607336815 Li-ion Cool Pack - USED

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SKU Box 35 bosch 18v 4ah Drill battery GENUINE USED
Bosch 2607336815 Features:

Fantastic Bosch li-ion battery technology in and around CoolPack 4Ah batteries prevents damage from heat concentration to provide real benefits to the trade
The Bosch 18v battery 4Ah offers a superb runtime up to 65% more runtime compared to 3Ah due to high quality li-ion cells
The special heat dissipating housing at the base of these li-ion batteries protects the cells inside from heat damage and is 100% compatible with all Bosch blue li-ion power tools and chargers within the same voltage group
Up to 100% longer life time due to the Bosch CoolPack active temperature management
Robust housing
Handy fuel guage
Compact size

Bosch 2607336815 Specifications:

Battery capacity: 4.0Ah
Cell technology: Li-Ion
Battery voltage: 18v
Charge Time: 45min (approx)

USED- Like new, some slight marks but battery works perfectly, charge fully before use