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1PCS 5870mAh Intelligent Flight Battery FOR DJI Phantom 4/PRO USED

SKU box 2-33

Original Phantom 4 DJI battery, suitable for DJI
 High Capacity FOR DJI Phantom 4- For parts or repair 

Used- No way of testing so the item is being sold as parts of repair for an experienced engineer to fix or use as parts. 

The "Intelligent" aspect of the battery enables communication that not only shows current capacity inside the app itself, it also calculates remaining flight times according to distance traveled and other factors.
While flying, the battery will send an alert to notify you when the minimal capacity is available for a safe flight plan back to the take off point.

Additionally, an internal battery management system prevents overcharging and over-draining, and when placed in long-term storage, the battery will self-discharge to a safe level in order to maintain cell health.
If you live in a cold place or plan to fly on a winter break, low-temperature protection will activate. This controls available propulsion power based on the temperature of the battery, so that only a fully-warmed-up battery can offer full power.

Additional Info
1. Four LEDs that display remaining capacity.
2. Intelligent balanced charging circuitry built-in.
3. Flights of 27-30 minutes on a single charge.
Colour: White
Up To 30 Minutes Of Flight Time
New 5870Mah - Higher Amperage
Calculates Remaining Flight Time
Overcharge Over-Drain Protection
Auto-Discharge For Long-Term Storage