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2 pack = 12 X Rayovac Crystal Clear Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 PR41

SKU Rayovac 312 Brown x1 pack
Changing the battery:
These come in packs of six and are taken out from a flap found at the
back of the packet. They last about a week to ten days on average.
When the aid starts to beep without prompting, the battery is reaching
the end of its usefulness and will cease to function soon after. It may be
useful to keep a note of when you last changed it so that you can carry a
spare set about your person if you’re going anywhere around the time
you’re expecting it to cut out.

Auto Micro aids require a size 312 battery which has a brown sticker.
Remove the sticker from the positive side of the new battery. This side
will be shiny and be engraved with four dimples and a plus sign. Place
the hearing aid on flat surface and insert the battery with positive side
facing upward

x2 Pack of 6 batteries