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(25) 3” Scotch-Brite Roloc TR PRECISION Ceramic Surface Conditioning Disc Coarse

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NOTE:  This is a brand new product line from 3M called “Precision Surface Conditioning Discs.”  They are made with ceramic grain abrasive as opposed to aluminum oxide.  Ceramic grain is sharper and more durable than aluminum oxide, and thee discs cut faster and last longer than the normal Scotch Brite surface conditioning discs.  
Scotch Brite brand
Made in the USA by 3M in late 2022.  
3” Diameter
Coarse grade
Roloc TR attachment
Course precision ceramic grain abrasive embedded in a tough non-woven material.   
RECOMMENDED APPLICATIONS: Polishing, Cleaning, Blending, Light Grinding, Light Deburring, Finishing, Edge Break, Radius 
Suitable for low pressure applications on aluminum and soft metals, or low to medium pressure applications on carbon steel, mild steel, stainless steel, and other hard metals.