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BTRY-TC7X-46MAH-01 Zebra TC70/TC75 Power Precision Battery

TC70 / TC75 4500mAh Li-Ion PowerPrecision Battery - 1 Pack - for use only with TC70 and TC75 (not the 70x or 75x models).

TC7X PowerPrecision+ spare lithium ion Battery, 4500mAh (single)

Compatible with all TC7X series devices . 
NOTE: Spare Battery Chargers designed specifically for the TC70/TC75 series (CRD-TC7X-SE2CU1-01 and similar) will not charge this battery and may cause damage to the battery.

Designed, manufactured & tested to meet rigorous controls & standards
Premium-grade cells with higher capacity & longer life cycle
Designed to help prevent overcharging & electrical shock
Strong & robust housing for optimal performance & durability