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for Nintendo Wii U Gamepad - Extended 3600mah 3.7V Battery ARR-002

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SKU gb-Nintendo ARR-002
This is a replacement battery for Nintendo Wii U gamepad controller.

This extended battery is a third-party replacement for the one included in your Nintendo Wii U Gamepad. It has a larger capacity for longer game play between charges. It will fit inside the Wii U Gamepad without any modifications.

The standard Wii U battery is smaller at 1500mAh. This will extended battery life by adding another 2100mAh to make your battery capacity 3600mAh. Your battery should last more than twice as long.

Brand new
Compatible replacement part 
Fits models: All Wii U Gamepad models


Remove the 2 screws holding the battery door. Remove the old battery and replace with the extended battery. Make sure to push the connector in firmly.

Important battery guidelines:

Please be aware that all new batteries need an initial couple of full charge cycles (Full charge / discharge) before reaching maximum performance.
Battery may get warm on first uses, this is normal. However if this doesn't subside after multiple uses please contact us.
There are multiple known common faults on most modern new devices circuit boards that can affect charging, not only the battery. If for any reason you think the battery is faulty we must ask that batteries are returned for testing before a replacement or refund will be issued.