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Genuine VGP-BPS35A Battery 14E 15E SVF14215SC SVF15218SC VGPBPS35A Sony Vaio

Genuine Sony Vaio VGP-BPS35A Battery 14E 15E SVF14215SC SVF15218SC VGPBPS35A

Give your portable devices a new boost of energy with our battery, allowing you to work or surf the internet wherever you are.

Our batteries fulfill all guidelines of operational safety. You can use your previous charger. This battery is also extremely well-suited as a back-up battery for when you're on the road.

What are the advantages of the Li-Ion technology:

Lithium batteries are among the most powerful batteries, in particular on account of their high energy capacity, low self-discharge and very high durability. Due to their large operating temperature range and high power reserves, the batteries are characterised by long-life, robust readiness for use and are exceptionally well-suited for mobile devices, e.g. in smartphones, clocks, cameras or tablets.

To ensure compatibility, please check under "Replaces the following original battery types" and/or "Suitable for the following device models" to see whether your notebook computer is listed there.

Content of delivery:
1 x battery
Technical details:
Battery type: Li-Ion - no memory effect
Capacity: 2600 mAh
Voltage: 14.8 V
Energy: 38.48 Wh
Colour: black
Suitable for the following device models:
Sony Vaio : SVF14215SC
Sony Vaio : SVF1421E2E
Sony Vaio : SVF1421L1E
Sony Vaio : SVF15216SC
Sony Vaio : SVF15217SC
Sony Vaio : SVF15218SC
Sony Vaio : SVF15219CW/W
Sony Vaio : SVF1521A2E
Sony Vaio : SVF15319CW
Sony Vaio : SVF15329CW
Sony Vaio Fit : 14E
Sony Vaio Fit : 15E

Replaces the following original battery types:
Sony : VGP-BPS35, VGP-BPS35A