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SKU box 28-13
Battery Cell Li-Polymer
Power Capacity 10000mAh@3.7V, 37Wh
Rated Input 5V = 2A
Rated Output 2xUSB5V = 2.1A
Weight Approx. 245g
Dimension 96x94x26.5mm

Floodlight LED Function
This LED portable charger has 4 levels of light (brighter light, bright light, weak light, weaker light) and 3 modes(white light, warm white, SOS).

To adjust the brightness of the LED portable charger, press the button to open the portable charger first, then press the button repeatedly. It is under a brighter light->bright light->weak light->weaker light cycle.

To switch the colour of the light, long press the button for about 2 seconds. For example, it can switch from white light to warm white light.

To activate SOS mode, press the button for about 4 seconds in any status, then the SOS mode will be activated, it will flash rapidly and slowly to send out a distress signal.