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Ockered Battery for Phone SE New 0 cycle replacement battery, 35% higher

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SKU box 53 ockered SE phone battery kit
About this item
Ockered battery is 100% suitable for the Phone SE. Please note that this battery is only for Phone SE. Does not apply to other Phone models. Please check the respective model on the back of your phone before buying.
Phone SE battery capacity , which is 35% more than the original battery capacity, it is a higher capacity than 98% of the batteries on the market. Its size and quality correspond to the original battery. You can use your phone over a longer period and use the battery capacity of the whole day without charging.
A + Battery battery material with CE, UL certification. Our new rechargeable lithium-ion battery without cycle is designed for more than 700 repeated charging cycles.
These brand new lithium battery has been tested several times to achieve the best efficiency and capacity. Professional production of chips for 20 years, updated version of most chips on the market, safer and safer. Each battery with a special chip can Protect your phone from overheating, short circuit, overcharging or overloading.