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Rayovac Extra Advanced Size 675 Mf PR44 Hearing Aid Battery 1.45v 12 cells

SKU Rayovac Extra Advancd Size 675 Mf PR44 1 PACK OF12
Welcome to Our Rayovac listing, we are very proud to be a authorised reseller of Rayovac

You are purchasing 12 cells with free delivery and a quality after care for our good happy customers.

Please note, we have a full range of Rayovac Stock in our store, which includes Hearing aid caddies, Hearing aid battery testers, and a full range and a full stock of batteries.

We can provide these hearing aid batteries at wholesale prices which quantity priced in box lots.

Rayovac Extra Advanced Size 675 Mf PR44 Hearing Aid Battery

Suitable mainly for in the ear hearing aids (ITE) and some behind the ear (BTE) – 1.45v - blue tab.

These batteries have over 2 years of shelf life on them.

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