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Symbol Zebra TC75 Battery TC70 TC70X TC75X TC72 TC77 82-171249-02 Genuine Tested

Symbol Zebra TC75 TC70 Battery Genuine Also TC70X TC75X TC72 TC77 Original used


Battery Type: Symbol TC70, TC75, TC70X, TC75X, TC72, TC77 battery

Voltage: 3.7v

Storage Voltage: 3.7

Charging Cut-off Voltage: 3.8v

Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 1.0v

Capacity:4500 -4620 mAh 

Size: 90mm Length x 71mm at widest point x depth 16mm all sizes are approx

Material: Lithium Li-ion

Recharging cycles: 500 cycles-charges 

Within +/- 10 Percent

Applications: TC70x/TC75x Spare 1 x battery with PowerPrecision Plus (4500 mAh). Single battery.

All batteries have been tested before shipment please ensure this used battery is fully charged before useage


Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Package Includes:
1x Used Battery

Genuine battery for the TC7X Symbol / Zebra range of Android barcode scanners, this includes TC70, TC75, TC70X, TC75X, TC72, TC77.

All batteries hold a good charge and are tested for their max capacity and charging ability.

Next-day shipping is available if you choose it at checkout.

This photo is representative of the battery, and not an image of the actual item as we are selling hundreds of these units. The battery is in a similar good, used condition. It will contain cosmetic scuffs and dust caused by usage and storage.

Note: Like all lithium-ion batteries that have been in storage for a while, it may take a few full charge cycles / discharges to 'wake' the battery up to its full use. This is the same even when new.